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PAGANI is a brand specialising in eyewear Hand Made in Italy, mainly sunglasses.

All PAGANI sunglasses are hand crafted in our factory near Lake Como (Italy) using traditional methods of manufacture in order to deliver a resistant and long lasting product.

PAGANIʼs eyewear collection takes its creative drive from Italyʼs heritage, art, natural beauties, spectacular landscapes and all other surroundings. All these factors put together, inspire us every day to prouduce some unique patterns, which distinguish our sunglasses from all the other eyewear brands.

Most of our frame colours are exclusive and always made in collaboration with Mazzucchelli, since 1849 leading company in the production of cellulose acetate. By exclusive, we mean copyright for each of those colours invented by PAGANI and unusable for other brands.

All PAGANI eyewear frames can bend to adapt shape without heating, due to their composition of cured cellulose acetate. Acetate is an unallergic resin, which comes from wood pulp or cotton. Today only the finest Italian eyewear producers use acetate as a frame material for spectacles and sunglasses. PAGANI sunglasses are also produced with CR39 organic lenses, which are made with special treatments such as: IR protection, UV ray protection and antiscratch.

It is important to know that any prescription lenses can be fitted on PAGANI sunglasses, moreover all our frames are adaptable to become optical frames.


The brand PAGANI was founded in 2004 by Celestino Pagani, and the company is still run by himself and his family in Como (Italy). Celestino worked for several years in the cellulose acetate industry and traded the raw material all around the world. Through out the years he had gained so much knowledge about it and decided to start his own business. In 2004 the launch of his first sunglasses collection took place, branded simply as PAGANI.


Celestino Pagani began with a simple vision; to provide a product of the highest quality that exudes Italian style. Every piece that we create is unique, has edge, and is of the highest quality, but we also believe in offering this quality at a value that our customers genuinely appreciate. We are proud of our ʻhidden gemʼ status, but our ambition is to now bring PAGANI sunglasses to a wider audience.

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