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With modern Italian design at its core, Pagani blends historical cues with contemporary taste to craft frames that expand the way we see and tell a story that good design is forever.

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  • Figura

    The Figura collection blends progressive design and takes cues from contemporary culture to encapsulate an aesthetic that is an allegory for freedom and research. The frames are made in cured Japanese cellulose acetate, and are defined by their organic lines and sculptural quality.

  • Materia

    The Materia collection puts a strong focus on the material; capturing its essence through simple yet powerful design. The frames are ethereally light, durable and adaptable - making them the perfect companions for daily wear.

  • Panorama

    The Panorama collection celebrates color and craftsmanship. Bright and bold frames feature acetate collages that are a testament to the creativity and technical acumen of our craftspeople. They are tactile to the touch and a joy to wear.