Designed for those who dream and for those who dare. Pagani puts the creative mind first - seeking to embolden storytellers and illuminate the path forward for visionaries.


With modern Italian design at its core, Pagani blends historical cues with contemporary taste to craft frames that expand the way we see and tell a story that good design is forever. Pagani isn't just an eyewear brand — it's a symbol of design. Each piece we craft draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences, be it the gentle pastel palettes of Ettore Spalletti’s art, the energy of Italy’s contemporary culinary culture, or the sculptural qualities and singular style of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture.

In each Pagani frame, past and present, innovation and individuality are in dialogue with one another. Dreamed in Lake Como and carefully crafted in the Dolomites, Pagani frames are forged from the finest acetates and metals — each piece sings with sincerity and offers a new vision for eyewear.

Our Influences — Ettore Spalletti

Muted, monochromatic and magnificently minimal, Ettore Spalletti’s art is a celebration of shape and subtlety. Ettore Spalletti Room at Villa Panza in Italy (depicted in the illustration) pays homage to the artist's penchant for pastel pinks and powder blues, much like we do in some of our cellulose acetate frames.

Quintessentially Italian

  • Handcrafted In Italy

    Situated in the foothills of the Dolomites, Valdobbiadene is a renowned wine-producing region in Italy's north. It's also where we carefully craft each of our frames in our small, family-owned factory.

  • A History of Over 10 Years

    Pagani has been handcrafting frames in Italy for over 10 years now. Each piece that leaves our family-owned factory is underpinned by the experience of our company and craftspeople.

  • Forged From the Finest Materials

    Forged from the finest materials and assembled by hand, each of our frames are not only an expression of fine Italian craft, but of ethical and environmental consciousness.

  • Finished With Precision

    A commitment to quality is core to the Pagani mission. Each piece is assembled and finished by hand — ensuring their integrity, tactility, longevity and rare artisanal quality.

Our Influences — Carlo Scarpa

Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa was ahead of his time - bridging the chasm between sculpture and architecture such that they were indistinguishable. We draw from Scarpa’s work and look to imbue our frames with the same sculptural qualities, that elevate them from eyewear to objects of intrigue.

See the World As It Could Be

With Pagani, see the world not just as it is, but as it could be. Join us in our journey of vision, art, and rebellion.